Professional and efficient bike servicing in Perth

We plan to have your bike for only a day

At Elite Racing Cycles, we understand that time is precious, and bike downtime can be frustrating, and we think we’ve come up with the perfect solution. We run a workshop booking system for bike servicing, so you can drop the bike with us in the morning and then (as long as there are no unforeseen problems) you can pick it up again that evening.

This allows us to fit in with commuters whose bike is their main mode of transport, as well as other people on their way to and from work. Simply put, we plan to have your bike for only one day. How good does that sound?

The Check-Over Service ($89)

This is a basic bike servicing package that includes brake tuning, gear tuning, 2 x wheel true and anything else required to make the bike safe and functional. No cleaning is performed on the bike as part of this service.

The Full Service ($199)

The full bike service involves stripping the bike to the bare frame, and then cleaning, degreasing and checking all the components. On assembly, everything is properly lubricated and torqued, the wheels are trued, and the gears and brakes are tuned. We spend about 4-5 hours on each bike service.

After a full service, the bike comes out looking as close to new as possible. Both prices include all the labour required for servicing the bike, parts are at extra cost.

Custom Bike Build ($279)

We offer a full custom build option where we are happy to supply the parts or you can bring your own.

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