Elite Racing Cycles Shop Ride

With a growing number of riders joining us on Saturday mornings it has become necessary to split the ride into three groups. All groups depart from outside the shop at 6.30am and 6:45am Saturday mornings.

Everyone is welcome on all rides. If you feel like the pace is too high for you, drop back to the next bunch and try your luck next week.

6.30am Group

6.30am Group
This ride averages 33-35kph over a 55km course. It consists of 3 small hill climbs and 4 sprints.
All groups meet at Tiger Tiger Cafe Shop between 8.00am and 9.00am for refreshments.
Rules of the ride.
Riders must ride no more than2 abreast at all times.
Take your turn on the front, if you cant pull a turn, just roll through.
Point out ALL hazards
Stop at red lights, all normal road rules apply.
All rides leave promptly at 6.30am and 6:45am
If a rider has a problem, we all stop, no one is left behind.
Absolutely NO earphones (even in one ear) at any time during the ride. 
Please be respectful to your fellow cyclist all rides are social, even though sprints and hill climbs are sometimes hotly contested.

6:45am Group


6:45am Group 1 and 2

Group 1 averages 25-30kph over a 55km course. There are no sprints and only 1 small hill climb.

Group 2 beginers and ladies. This is a social ride for anyone wishing to try group riding.

For more information on the shop ride, visit our bike shop, or call us on 1300 785 552!

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