Elite Racing Cycles

We have a new structure for the weekly ERC shop ride. Each Saturday we leave from the shop at 6:30am for the usual loop covering Mounts Bay Road, Subiaco, City Beach, Fremantle, Mosman Park the finishing up at Tiger Tiger just off King Street for coffee. We now have the combined 6:30/6:45am bunch. This allows people to gauge where they are at by the time we hit the Brewery on Mounts Bay Road. We have a few sprints and climbs on the route but meet points after every one (nobody is left behind). Sprint points are as follows:
  • Oceanic Drive at Bold Park – Catch up on West Coast Highway
  • Port Beach – Catch up at bus stop on Stirling Highway
  • Water Tower – Wait at Water Tower
  • Devils Elbow – Wait at Osborne Parade
  • Monument – Catch up on Hackett Drive
  • Mounts Bay – Cafe
This is a strict no-drop ride. No headphones, no stop sign / red light running and leave your ego at home. Remember, if you can easily hold 30km/h solo, 33/34 will be a breeze in a bunch. We have had some great feedback about the new format and we have seen massive amounts of improvement in rider confidence, fitness at skill. Saying that, we are going to run with it for a few more weeks.

For more information on the shop ride, visit our bike shop, or call us on 1300 785 552