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About Our Core Brands

File:Cervelo logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Location: Canada. While owned by a Dutch company, Cervelo was started in Canada and operations remain based in Toronto and Santa Cruz, CA.

Frame/Bike Point of Origin: Cervelo bikes are engineered and designed in Canada and manufactured in Asia.  Cervelo does have a R&D facility in the U.S. that produces limited runs of the top of the line bike, the Cervelo R5ca and the P5x is produced in conjunction with HED in Minnesota.

Delivery: Cervelo bikes offer Cervelo’s stock/production frame geometry.  There are times when Cervelo’s availability of their high demand product can be limited, but this has become less of an issue in recent years with new ownership.

Specialty: Cervelo makes no bones about it, they build race capable bikes for road and triathlon.

Unique Attributes: From the ground up, Cervelo bikes are designed to minimize weight, maximize lateral stiffness and be exceptionally aerodynamic.  No bike company has demonstrated as much focus on frame aerodynamics as Cervelo.


Focus Bike | Premium UK Stockist of Focus Bikes

The Focus Bikes bicycle manufacturer in Germany. Competition bicycles, sports bicycles, road bikes and mountain bikes are manufactured by the company. The famous German motorcycle Mike Kluge was founded in 1992.

Focus develop all our bikes in Stuttgart, Germany. German engineering has a centuries long heritage of precision, craftmanship and durability. Furthermore, at FOCUS Bikes every engineer is a passionate bike rider first and foremost. We do our prototype testing right on our doorstep.

Designs are then tested above and beyond industry standards and legal regulations in Cloppenburg, Germany. Final production is carried out with the latest technologies and finest methods available in the cycling industry. Afterwards we assemble all our bikes in Cloppenburg, Germany, to maintain these high standards.


File:Bianchi logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Bianchi is the most historic and prestigious brand of bicycles. Our heritage, over 130 years strong, started in Milan in 1885 with Edoardo Bianchi, cannot be equalled in the cycling world. Our positioning embodies the best of what Italy can offer to the world: a commitment to build products as artisans – “a regola d’arte”, distinguishing design, style and taste.

Our wide-range of products fans out gradually to meet the needs of the professional and the casual rider, one who loves nature or one who simply wants to move quickly through urban traffic. We provide the ideal bicycle for every type of cyclist.

Edoardo Bianchi said that the best way to test a product was to race it. That’s how the Reparto Corse or Racing Department was born. You can always learn something from man’s extreme fatigue racing a bike. Bianchi has always been able to take full advantage from those sensations and feedback to improve and test every bike thoroughly. Just like in motor racing, we have always had a dedicated division following the riders to improve in competitions. Innovation, science and technology come together with man’s sensations. It is not a mystery that for over 100 years this dedication has allowed our champions to win and enabled Bianchi to deliver excellence.

The Bianchi range is far reaching, consisting of aero road bikes as well as those with an emphasis on endurance. In most cases, performance remains a hefty part of the remit; a Bianchi is not typically the first port of call for a commuter looking for a value option.