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Bike Servicing Perth | Elite Racing Cycles

At Elite Racing Cycles, we understand that time is precious and bike downtime can be frustrating. So we've come up with the perfect solution. We run a workshop booking system for bike servicing, so you can drop the bike with us in the morning and then (as long as there are no unforeseen problems) you can pick it up again that evening.

This allows us to fit in with commuters whose bike is their main mode of transport, as well as other people on their way to and from work. Simply put, we plan to have your bike for only one day.



The Basic Service is a comprehensive check of your bike and its components.

We start by removing both wheels and inspecting the tyres, bearings and spoke tension. If the wheels are out of true, they are re-tensioned. The brakes will be checked and adjusted to ensure maximum power and efficiency in all conditions. Gears need a lot of attention to so we move onto them next.
All cables are inspected, the chain is measured, hanger alignment is checked and the gears are tuned to perfection The bike is given a general wipe over and the bike is test ridden to make sure it is perfect. *As with all of our service options, all parts incur an extra.



The Full Service is the most comprehensive service offered here at Elite. We highly recommend this level of service at least once a year. When most bikes are built, it will be on a production line. This will likely take about one hour. From our experience not a lot of care is taken in this process. Our Full Service takes about five hours, this gives us time to give your bike the attention it deserves.
When your bike arrives, we will go through the bike with you, checking the wear on the components and discussing any issues which you may have encountered whilst riding the bike.The first thing we do is take down all measurements from your bike in order to achieve the exact same fit as when the bike arrived. All parts are then stripped from the bike leaving a bare frame. Parts are then taken to the degreaser tank, scrubbed clean and dried. Both wheels are removed from the bike and thoroughly inspected. We will then service the hubs, true both wheels and inspect the tyre for any issues.
The chain, cassette, chainrings, bearings and all cables / hoses / wires are all inspected for wear. The frame is detailed and polished then the bike is reassembled, tuned and torqued to manufacturer's specification.
You bike will be test ridden by two of our mechanics to ensure that it isn't handed back to you unless it is perfect. *As with all of our service options, all parts incur an extra .



Whether you have sourced your own parts or would like to consult us about what would work best for you. We have a wealth of knowledge in all fields of bike building and riders needs.
We start by having a chat with you to find out exactly what you need from your new build and go from there. Many things need to be considered when approaching from this fresh angle. We take the time to make sure you are getting the right size frame, correct gearing ratios and suitable saddle / bar / stem.
You may already have all of your components. We are happy to give them all a degrease and assemble your custom build, just make sure you bring your bike fit data.
We have plenty of frameset options in-store and access to a plethora of brands from around the world and understand that sometimes, its just not possible to buy all your components from a real bike store. So if you need to buy your components online, we won't hold it against you.



We love a hand-built wheel here at Elite. BYO parts or come in for a chat about what you need out of a wheel and let us supply and build your dream wheels. We can supply you with all the help you need in regards to wheel profile, spoke and hub type based on your needs.


Individual Pricing


Gear Adjust & Hanger Check - $35

Brake Bleed - $45

Wheel True - $35

BB Overhaul - $35

Headset Overhaul - $35

Drivetrain Degrease & Lube - $35

Wheel Build - $100





Fork Basic – $90

  • Seals & oil replaced
  • Air shaft removed & greased
  • Damper function checked
  • Re-assembled, cleaned, returned to original settings
  • Performance checked


Shock Air Can / Basic

  • Air can seals replaced
  • Internals inspected
  • Damper function checked
  • Hardware greased
  • Lubed, re-assembled, returned to original settings
  • Performance checked